Tenor's Origami

Some star wars origami and other paper folding…


Although I have had trouble finding time to post more with many things happening, I will try to make something new within a week or 2. If you want to check out my youtube channel you can. It is    https://www.youtube.com/user/CallofVlogging/featured

Darth Maul

Darth Maul

New Photos, Starting my site back up

New Photos, Starting my site back up

After reading all the requests for origami instrux, I put up my jar jar binks, Darth Maul and old Boba Fett. These are now the pieces you can choose to comment on for instructions. However, the darth maul is really just arts and crafts. If you want, I will put other instructions on ~ :p


I have decided to let you guys decide. Comment anywhere on this site who you would like instructions for, and I will give them to you.


We finally hit 1000 views! I will be posting instructions for a secret character soon!

SF Firk’s Fortune Wampa :D

That looks really good! You should send more pictures to me so I can post them       here.

Reboguy’s BobaFett


God’s Window Cube


We are so close to 1000 views! When we get there, I will post an instruction sheet for origami you have not seen yet.


Cover Yoda Instructions

Check out the new Cover Yoda instructions I posted!