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Ask My Origami

Ok, so I saw some pretty cool pages on other sites. Some of them were, “Ask Yoda,” or “Ask Soapy.” I decided I wanted to make a page kind of like that, but you can ask a question to any of the origami that you see on this site. I’m guessing a popular one will be asking Cover Yoda…



  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Umm ok cover Yoda what origami should I make next?

  tenorsorigami wrote @

Cover Yoda you must make. Use instructions you can soon.

  sfjacksonh wrote @

Will I get the Anakin Skywalker removable blade force fx lightsaber that I really really really REALLY(!!!!!!) want?

  tenorsorigami wrote @

Believe you must. The force be with you. If believe you, get it you will.

  sfjacksonh wrote @

Yay! Thanks, cover Yoda! 😀

  Robby wrote @

Will I get Lego jabbas palace for my bday or Christmas? Same with melevolance?

  tenorsorigami wrote @

When birthday is?

  Robby wrote @

Dude the sets are already out

  reboguy wrote @

Will I finally be able to make an origami Jar Jar binks.

  tenorsorigami wrote @

Make it you will. Try hard you must.

  reboguy wrote @

So stooky. Thanks!

  tenorsorigami wrote @

No problem.

  lukeskypaper wrote @

will i be able to design my own origami yoda with two peices of paper or one

  tenorsorigami wrote @

One you will.

  palpatine wrote @

yoda, do you think i will ever make the kawahata yoda.

  tenorsorigami wrote @

Try hard you must. In your reach it is.

  lukeskypaper wrote @

cool yoda’s advice realy work’s

  Obi wan kenobi wrote @

Cover yoda, do you have any friend other than jedi.

  crazy cat wrote @

have a look at my new website http://crazygami.wordpress.com/

  crazy cat wrote @

can you post instrix for origami C3PO

  crazy cat wrote @

oops i mean instrux not instrix

  crazy cat wrote @

will i ever be able to see the cover yoda

  Robby wrote @

Is my storm Pegasus beyblade undefeatable? The parts are
Face bolt: Pegasus
Wheel: Pegasus
Metal wheel: storm
Spin track: sagitario’s
Tip: L Drago’s

  tensororigami wrote @

No wars do not make one great

  Super folder john wrote @

Dude, you know I posted the same yoda instructions as a video on the official site. I promise I didn’t know they were on yours anyway there’s only one way to make it. Will you and yoda forgive me?

  tenorsorigami wrote @

Yes. John

  parker wrote @

do pizza you like,huhm?:|?parker’s yoda really

  Tenor wrote @

Never is anything unbeatable.

  SFJosephL wrote @

OY will I ever be able to make you I try hard but havent been able to….

  tensororigami wrote @

Yoda will I make epic versions of star wars characters that look really cool?

  SFJosephL wrote @

Sorry I was being a troll robby

  Sf aiden wrote @

Cover yoda will you tell me how to be the coolest dude in school

  crazy D wrote @

How old are you.

  scoutnandoSF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

Post instructions for the cover yoda. i already made my own and it looks the same i just want to see how you do it.

  Jackson wrote @

I think he does the same way if they look the same.

  sf.Moraj wrote @

Yoda,if you saw my origami darth sidious, would you like it?

  tenorsorigami wrote @

Joseph, get it eventually you will

  tenorsorigami wrote @

I’m 14

  tenorsorigami wrote @

And ik yoda would love your origami, and if you send it in hell post it on the website.

  Mcrobloxian wrote @

Yoda I cant decide what yoda I made should be mine officall yoda.

  MC_Survival wrote @

I like nuts

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