Tenor's Origami

Some star wars origami and other paper folding…

God’s Window Cube


We are so close to 1000 views! When we get there, I will post an instruction sheet for origami you have not seen yet.


Cover Yoda Instructions

Check out the new Cover Yoda instructions I posted!

SuperFolder Jacob’s Origami Dragon


This is SuperFolder Jacob’s awesome Origami Dragon. If you want your origami posted here, email me at info@modables.us

A Robot I Made

It’s is pretty amateur, because I was just messing around.


Hi there!

I am having an origami contest. Whoever makes the coolest Yoda that they invented wins a Cover Yoda made by me. Email me at


for details.

My Deluxe Yoda

I made a Deluxe Yoda today. It kinda looks like the Cover Yoda I made, but it is folded very differently.