Tenor's Origami

Some star wars origami and other paper folding…

Cover Yoda Instructions



  SF Lincoln wrote @

These are really great instructions. However, I am having trouble reading them. Could you please write them a bit more clearly? It seems that the Sharpie marker you used was bleeding together. Thanks for your help!

  tenorsorigami wrote @

You might be able to read them a little better if you clicked view full size when you go into the picture gallery.

  SF Lincoln wrote @

These new instructions are much more clear- thanks for the quick response. I love the amount of detail in your work over all. Very impressive!

  Trigger happy,VP Yoda,De’Ante the new maxigami editor wrote @

SF Megan/phred said she needs more holiday stuff for the holiday edition of the SF news paper.I posting this on all SF sites.

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

love it! I invented my own cover yoda using folds from you, Tom and me!

  froggg wrote @

sweet !!!!! i am totally making one right now !!!!!!!!!

  Mcrobloxian wrote @

Cool but I dont understand the part when you fold the head down.

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